Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Positioning Buttons

One more thing about the sweater- I noticed when I was positioning buttons that I was using a trick I can't recall having seen it written down anywhere. (So where did I pick it up? No idea!) But I find it useful to use safety pins to check the button locations. I use the safety pin as a toggle, put it in place, and then button the sweater using the toggle-safety pins:

This lets me check the positioning side-to-side, make sure nothing was spaced unevenly, etc, before actually sewing the buttons on. Not too bad on this sweater because I could use the pattern to ensure consistent positioning, but it still provided a useful sanity check.

Back to socks and swatching the next sweater!


  1. Yup! Always good to back away and take a good look from a distance, and that's a good way to be able to.

  2. Looks good. I remember learning that trick for sewing projects when I was very young. I think it works even better on sweaters where the maliability means just measuring doesn't always get you what you want.

  3. What a GREAT idea! THANKS!!