Sunday, June 29, 2008

This Time For Sure

The basket weave socks having made a token stab at asserting their independence (a phrase I like better than admitting my brain was out to lunch on the second one), they gave me no further trouble.

Finished! One pair red wool socks. And my first official Christmas present complete and in the bag.
basket-weave socks

Now you'd think I'd be tired of solid red wool, and I am a bit. But these knit up quickly, and the heavy yarn makes them easy to work in all kinds of light. So instead of taking a break, I cast on for the second pair (I bought enough yarn for two pair).

These don't have a particular pattern name, but I've been thinking of them as 'Manly Red Socks' for the understated pattern up the sides. (I basically just made this up as I knit, said, 'huh, that looks okay' and kept going.)

All the same, I think two pairs is going to be enough. If I have the time to knit more red wool socks before the holidays (for my brother-in-law, they're his absolute favorite) I'm thinking of the new Huntington sock yarn from Valley Yarns. They've got a nice solid red at a reasonable price. And it's a sock yarn, not a worsted. Now, the Cascade yarn will probably keep your feet toasty even after the rest of you has frozen solid in the blizzard, but that is just a wee bit of overkill for say, June.


  1. A finished Christmas gift 6 months ahead of Christmas--wow. I didn't know any knitters were capable of that. Rats--you've raised the bar.....:)

  2. Toni beat me to it. Christmas socks!