Friday, October 17, 2008

Seasonal Finery

I'd hold onto the daylight with teeth and fingernails if I could, but even with the shortening of the days, I've always loved fall. The cool air, the brilliant colors. On a sunny day the trees have their party clothes on, and on a cloudy one they practically glow.

Weekend before last, I went hiking on Mt. Monadnock in southern NH. The leaves were still turning:
autumn leaves

From the top of the mountain, you can see the splashes of color running down the side of the ridge:
view from the summit

Then last weekend, I was out in western Massachusetts, and shot some nice foliage around the college town of Amherst:
town center
across the field
a wayside church
If you'd like more foliage, there are more pictures of Monadnock and of Amherst. Leaf season is all too short, so I'm delighted that I've been able to get out and enjoy it this year.

And for the last of my recent travels with knitting, I battled traffic on Wednesday to get down to Cambridge and hear Stephanie Pearl-McPhee speak. I picked up her new book at the reading, but then ducked around the corner to check out Porter Square Books, the lovely bookstore that was sponsoring the event. And found something else I'd been looking for:
new books

I'm really hoping for a long lovely autumn, but when the nasty weather arrives, I'll be ready for it. This weekend? I may need to buy yarn.


  1. Oh, wow, cool, thank you!!! What a nice surprise at the end of the post, and after all those beautiful photos--I do miss New Hampshire in the fall. I'm looking forward to being in Vermont next month.

  2. What beautiful pictures! I always love fall--maybe a little less when the leaves fall and I actually have to rake them, but is anything more picturesque?

  3. Fall, books, and yarn - add some tea and cookies and you have a perfect combination.

    I shot leaves in our urban arboretum while you hiked. We'll have color for awhile here, but in patches as the different species change at different times rather than getting one big splash.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I recently got that same shawl book. Now I need to knit something from it!

  5. Beautiful pics. Makes me miss Vermont! Nice book choices, too.