Friday, December 5, 2008

Six Appeal

So, Karen tagged me for the following meme:
*Go to your sixth picture folder and pick your sixth picture.
*Pray you remember the details.
*Tag five others.

And since I'm currently in straight out Christmas knitting mode, which really ought to have some elements of stealth to it, I thought, sure. And I wonder what it will be? So I counted six folders, six photos....and what I had were fabric swatches for the giant theatrical drape project. "Well," I said. "That's boring." So I deleted them, thus cannily giving myself a new sixth folder. Which had only four pictures in it. So I reversed the sort order- and got both lousy test pictures I took when I first got my new camera *and* less than six! (Karen, is this supposed to be a trick meme?)

So I deleted the crummy test photos, and the next folder was birthday pictures of my nephews, also fewer than six! Clearly this is a sign that I need to consolidate some folders and delete all the crap. Finally I went to the six times six folder (36th) and found a sort that actually yielded a photo:
cat on a lap

This is hardly surprising, since Woats is way more photogenic than any other member of the household, and has her picture taken a lot. (Often sleeping, since when she's awake, she'll come over interestedly to sniff the camera, and all I get is a gigantic nose and a couple of whiskers.)

Of course, only when I went to post this, did I realize that I could equally well have gone to my online albums. The sixth photo in the sixth album there was this:
load bearing beam

Okay, most people probably think this is pretty boring too, but it's a darned rare sight- the load bearing beam that holds up the new second story of my house (now covered over with drywall and paint). It was step one in a project to turn this house:
ranch before construction

Into this one:
colonial after construction

Neither my husband nor I were very experienced carpenters before the start of the project, but we were a lot more experienced by the end of it.

Along the way, I got a lovely new sewing/craft room:
sewing room

And the piece de resistance- the library:

We're quite ridiculously pleased with the way it all turned out. (As if you couldn't tell from all the pictures!) If your thirst for home renovation photos is still unslaked, check out my project website. It started out as a handful of photos that I took daily to keep my other half informed (I was living in the house during the construction, he wasn't). I posted them online for easier access, and since they were there, forwarded them to family members, and it snowballed from there.

So the last instruction of this meme is to tag other people- but I'm not entirely certain I actually *have* five readers, so I believe I'll renege on that part of it.

Tune in next time for a post I guarantee will be enlightening!


  1. I love your "new" house! I totally envy you the sewing room and (most especially) the Library. Awesome.

  2. Hah, so far I don't think anyone has done a straight 6th photo in 6th folder. For one thing, we all keep them in various places and can't always get to all of them.

    That's a great change in the house. I've done a couple of major, full-house remodels, but always with an architect and contractor in charge.