Monday, January 14, 2008

Sew, a Needle Pulling Thread

The project goal:
Make reversible sound baffling drape, (one side light, the other dark) until the light-colored material ran out. Then make plain black drape with any remaining black material.

We started with two gigantic rolls of fabric:

And we finished with piles of cut fabric:

We had less than 12 inches of each left at the end:

We turned out only 5 completely finished reversible drapes (about 20 linear feet when it's hung), but there are a couple in progress, and with all the cutting done, we've actually done a substantial amount of the work for the whole project. And there's a lot of prep work I can do for the next session without needing a second pair of hands.

The sewing turnout was small (not unexpected given the short notice). But it was a good thing there were some volunteers, as I had overlooked a couple of wrinkles that would have made this project extremely difficult to do alone. For example, measuring and cutting ten foot plus lengths of fabric is easier with two people.

And matching up two different colored pieces of that size and straightening them (for the reversible drapes) would have been quite difficult by myself. In particular, toward the end of the evening, when we were trying to get all the fabric cut, we found that two people made an enormous difference in speed. If I were doing this again, I think I'd try to get one curtain done to establish sizing, and then do all the cutting in one bunch.

The finished drape is on its way to its onstage debut next weekend. And I'll have to see just how much more can be arranged to join it this week. My chances of getting more done are looking up, as I was saved from the pain of shoveling the latest ten inches of snow by my lovely neighbor Bob and his Mighty Snowthrower. All hail Bob!

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