Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Is Getting a Little Spooky

I want to say right up front that this was not planned. I didn't look at the repeat length at all, I wasn't paying attention to the colors. I didn't even notice until I was almost through.
fall socks

Do you see it? Look more closely:
fall socks

It was when I was holding up the second sock to see if the cuff was the right length that I spotted it. A perfect match. What are the odds, people?

It wasn't the only piece of good fortune that came my way this week. Saturday morning before heading off to western Massachusetts on a family visit, I decided to pull out all the yarn for the colorwork sweater and get an estimate of how much yarn I was using. I was reasonably sure I had enough, but I've got a second project queued in the same yarn and if there was extra, I could exchange a couple of the colorwork balls to use in the second sweater.

But when I laid it out, I discovered that contrary to my vague recollection, I had only gotten one ball of dark red. So instead of discovering this later in the week, when I would have had to stop the project and place a mail order, instead I found out in time to stop by Webs and get more. I did have two extra balls of the beige and brown. And so I was able to exchange two and buy only one ball. Which I did. And that's all I did. If you'd told me I could get out of Webs spending less than $5 I'd have giggled. (Okay, I do admit that I went in, did the exchange and then told my husband we had to get out of there before I started browsing. But still. There was willpower involved.)

It helped that it was a gorgeous day. From there, we went out to the Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary on the Oxbow of the Connecticut River. The green of the forest is starting to fade a little with the first touch of autumn, and a few early adopters are starting to show some color, but it was still quite lovely, if not as showy as it will be in a few weeks:
arcadia wildlife sanctuary
See more Arcadia photos.

Good knitting fortune, self-discipline in the yarn store, perfect weather on a I said. Spooky.


  1. You stud! You have done what most of us can only dream of! Matching self-striping socks! I didn't even know it was possible..

    I bow to your knitting ability. :)

  2. I say those perfect socks are a great payback for all those blood donations. Well done!

  3. Okay, the sock thing is AMAZING! I cannot do that, even on purpose, let alone 'naturally'. I must say, I would never even dream going into WEBS without looking around a bit....we don't have access to that much variety in one place anywhere near here.