Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have concluded that Woats prefers knitting to writing as human past-times. While both activities tend to pin the human in one place, knitting can easily be carried on over and around the cat, while the cat is forced to be Very Firm with the human that a laptop (despite the name), does not belong on the human's lap. The cat does.

This is why I have the computer balanced on the back of the couch and the cat firmly ensconced on the lap while I try to make it through another ten thousand words of the novel before Monday. It's going to be close.


  1. Just don't let the cat critique your work-in-progress. Cats are notorious literature snobs!

  2. Lol! I love it!

    My sister-in-law gave my brother a ferret for Christmas once, and he told me that every time he sat down to email a hello, the ferret ran up his shoulder and skydived in great glee onto the keyboard.

    Pets. Ya gotta love'em.