Thursday, December 17, 2009

You Know It's Winter When....

1. You walk out of the house in the morning, and bracket on your thermos cracks from the cold.

2. Half your hair is clinging to your polar fleece, the rest is standing straight up on end.

3. You think that leaving the mittens in the car isn't a good plan because they're cold when you put them on.

4. The only reason the wind hasn't ripped the tarp off the woodpile is that the edges are frozen to the ground.

5. You've spotted the Olympic speed-skating team at practice in the street in front of your house. (My city thinks that de-icing chemicals are a frivolous waste of taxpayer money.)

6. There are more degrees of wind chill than there are degrees of temperature.

7. "In the Bleak Midwinter" starts to sound like a reasonable name for a Christmas carol. (Yes, I know Israel is a desert. Work with me.)

8. Knitting yourself long underwear starts to sound like not just a good idea, but an imperative one.

Hope everyone is keeping warm out there!


  1. This sounds like a New England winter, specifically. And to be honest, I LOVE the idea of knitting long underwear. There must be a pattern somewhere....

  2. I'd tell you that I feel your pain, but in truth I cannot... not from my apartment in north Florida, where it's going to be a cool, windy day today (highs around 63, now it's 45, with a projected low tonite of 39). So I'll just tell you I hope you stay snug and dry. (Isn't it supposed to snow up the eastern seaboard today? OK, OK, I'll stop gloating!)

  3. Oh my! I guess I know where that arctic weather went when it left here!

    (This could be a good time to justify buying a lot of alpaca or wool--for warmth, you know.....)

  4. Brrrr... I remember the NH minus 27 wind chill factor, and actually trying to take my morning walk in that! Dodging sliding cars, and after one block going home wondering, What was I THINKING!

    On the other hand, real weather makes you grow up in a way that Californians here have no clue about. A friend who is an older and somewhat disabled widow emailed me this morning, after all the snow the DC area has just had, to say her neighbor surprised her by showing up with a blower and making it so she could get out. Yay!

  5. You also notice it's winter when the cold conducted through your earring wires makes your ears numb in 30 seconds flat.