Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let the Games Begin

I've been watching the mounting knitting/crafting Olympic hysteria with a certain amount of detachment. I'm not doing the Ravelolympics, the Knitting Olympics or any of the other 'knitting challenge goals while watching the Olympics' things, even though that kind of goal-oriented behavior is usually right up my alley. (NaNoWriMo, I'm looking at you.) No, I'm sitting them out for one very simple reason. I don't have television. This startles people who've visited me, because there's a large television-shaped piece of electronics in my living room, but that's actually the screen for the DVD and VCR players. And every now and then, I will catch a current television show on the computer, usually while I'm on the exercise bike. But watching on the computer isn't sufficiently attractive enough to make me want to watch sports there, even winter sports which I like better than the summer ones. Besides, the cat objects to having my lap occupied by a computer all the time--that's her spot.

But then today, Toni, a past master at ambitious goals (she's gone a year without eating processed foods, is on her third year of knitting and sewing from stash, and is currently trying to do 100 projects in a year) threw down the gauntlet. We're currently neck and neck with nine FOs apiece for 2010 so far. What, you only counted seven?
Mittens, of course.

So, nine FOs. And she's half-a-pair of pyjamas from FO#10. Now. There's a lot of variation in the amount of time that a project takes--I wouldn't be at nine without those six pairs of fingerless mitts. But she's doing a sweater for her Olympic challenge, and I have a bunch of things in progress at the moment myself. And there are always mittens. Not that I'm competitive or anything. I don't know that I'm up for doing a hundred projects in a year (that's one every three and a half days!). But then I'm a little doubtful Toni's going to make that one either. We'll see where we're at come December, won't we? Toni, you're on!


  1. Hee hee hee--I've always found that it's best to take others along with me when I'm going to exhibit truly insane behavior.....

    Hey, and if you beat me to 100, I'll make you an embroidered knitting bag....:)

    (And it didn't even occur to me that most people plan on knitting their Ravelympics projects while actually watching the Olympics.....that makes sense now. Duh.)

  2. My Tv is just a screen for my DVD player too!

  3. ...and I do hereby award you the "Sunshine Award." See the knitting blog for details...