Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The State of the WIPs Address

So, since I have succumbed to urge to follow Toni down the path to insanity, it would probably be a good idea to review my WIPs and planned projects for the year:

1) Mittens- these are clearly going to be the base on which high numbers are built. Just assume for the sake of argument there's a pair in progress- I'll be posting only pics of the FOs, since they're so quick. One of the compelling things about these (aside from finishing in just an evening or two) is that I'm really down to the bottom of my 'washable worsted mitten-and-hat yarn' bag. There's something rather seductive about completely wiping out a segment of my stash. (For one thing...perfect excuse to go yarn shopping. Woot!)

I also have various feltable wool leftovers, which I could use for mittens and mitts for myself. (Any mittens--and most other items--that I plan to give away are knit in machine-washable yarn, it's just easier. But I regularly wash loads of wool sweaters, so it's no real trouble to make additional items from feltable wool for myself.)

And speaking of mittens:
Assorted mittens
FO #s 10, 11, 12

2) The green Aran sweater-- waiting for me to sort out some issues with my neckline changes. Still, this is nearly complete. It just needs a couple of few evenings of concentrated effort.

3) The bamboo sweater-- it's on size 0 needles. Need I say more? I do pick it up and work on it every now and again, but don't be surprised if it's still here in January 2011. It's certainly not a good candidate for an FO challenge.

4) The fluffy yellow sweater- this yarn is more gift yarn, and a near relation to the fluffy blue sweater I just finished. It's going to be long- a thigh-length cardigan, round neck, seed stitch borders. Currently I'm well up the back, closing in on the armholes. The yarn is Firenza Brushed, an acrylic- but probably the nicest acrylic I've ever knit. I can't get over how pretty it is...pale yellow, with flecks of gold and tan--it's going to look absolutely stunning on my red-headed sister. Here's a not-very-interesting picture. Really, pieced sweaters just Do Not Photograph well while in progress.
Yellow fluffy sweater

In sweater plans generally, I have yarn for at least three more sweaters, maybe four.

5) The rose arch socks- I'm currently getting close to the end of sock one.

I have yarn for four more pairs of socks in fingering weight. Plus leftovers of three colors that don't clash horribly and might wind up being a fifth pair of socks--or maybe something else. And I have some worsted weight wool for socks for my brother-in-law, but need to get some more, as there are Christmas socks to be considered. (Also, one-and-a-half socks are less than impressive under the tree. Which is the number of brother-in-law red wool socks I currently have yarn for.)

6) A hat for my husband- The man does not own a winter hat. He probably has a baseball cap or two in the back of the closet, but doesn't often wear them. In part it's because he has a large head, and can't easily find a hat that fits. And in part it's just that he doesn't like wearing them. If it's too cold, he addresses the situation by not going out. Or occasionally by pulling up the unlined hood attached to his jacket. However I maintain that he should have *one* warm hat that fits him, just in case he has to be out when it's really bitter. (Also, looking at him going hatless in the wind makes me feel chilly.) This I can do with sweater leftovers.

7) Random- I have some funky gift yarn that will probably wind up being a scarf or scarves. Maybe the ruffled sort- they look like fun.

8) Baby stuff- I have just received a whole pile of baby/sport weight yarn in the gift bags. Definitely time to make something for nephews or other little people in my social circle.

So, that's the plan. We'll see if it survives contact with the enemy. (Which I think is probably me, in this case.)


  1. LOL! Crazy always needs company!!!!!!

    (and apparently google agrees with this, as my verification word is "inuts06")

  2. I must be crazy too, following the preceding Toni's verification-word logic, as my word is "elloont"... with "loon" right in the middle!

    My crazy will probably consist of *only* 60 items this year, although this is an unofficial (i.e., not announced on my own blog) goal. So far, I'm at 5 FOs (all in January), which puts me on track, right?

    You and the preceding Toni have taken that whole crazy thing to a whole nutha level, though. And I am awed by your audacity. You go, girls!

  3. Guffawing out loud at that last paragraph!