Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shutting Up Now

If I've seemed a little quiet this week, there's a reason. Sunday morning after my last post, we got up to find we had no heat or hot water. Proved to be a relatively simple issue (air in the fuel line following the oil tank replacement), but I'm trying to avoid challenging any of the other appliances. Shhh....

Also, all I've knit is red socks, and you've already seen a bunch of them. But I'll be working on something else soon. I'm almost out of red yarn.


  1. I sure hope your home owner woes are over now. I'm sure you've done your bit for the economy by now.

  2. That's probably best. The Knitting Gods may be vicious, but the Appliance Gods are just scary!!!

  3. I just pulled ahead on the projects for the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And just snarled the embroidery machine BIG TIME, so I'm not pulling ahead by very far anytime in the near future......)