Sunday, August 1, 2010

Halfway Late and A Dollar Short

It has been a really lovely weekend up here in the top right corner of the country. Cooler and less steamy than most of the summer so far. Also I took Friday off and went to a quilt show with my mom and a friend of hers. Wow, there was some really gorgeous stuff there! And some mind-blowingly creative and original works. The quilt that did an entire village scene with little pleated clapboard houses still fills me with wonder...both at the workmanship and the insanity of it all. I got home feeling the urge to start a quilt right away, but I sat down quietly and read a book until the urge passed. Not that I wouldn't like to do another quilt, it's just that I have other plans right now.

Speaking of which, the alert amongst you may have noted that I have fallen seriously behind on the 100 projects challenge. To be on schedule, I should have had 50 projects at the end of June, and I only had 44. As of the end of July, I needed 58. Well, I may be down but I'm definitely not out of the running yet! I've been knitting as fast as my little fingers will move, and doing my best to make up ground. Exhibit A:
cabled hat

A cabled hat. I have to say that gray yarn looks a lot better cabled than it does in plain stockinette. Exhibit B:
mittens and more mittens
Children's mittens. Kind of a cheap trick, but they're fast, and indisputably legitimate FOs.

And last but not least, a plain ribbed hat:
plain ribbed hat
--because I have a lot of kind of 'girly' hats for the charity bag at the moment and not so many 'guy' hats. Also, I'd been wanting to use the 'Lorne's Hat' pattern from the Yarn Harlot blog, because I wanted to see what Stephanie's scheme of decreases looked like. (Answer- nice but not all that much different from what I'd been doing.)

So, not there yet, but August will be the month of making up ground. I'm not giving up without a fight!


  1. My knitting has definately suffered this year, as my reading has picked-up. I'm closer to on track for reading a hundred books than on knitting even fifty (or is that 30) items this year. Go you!

  2. Wow, you're catching up quickly!

    More hats! More hats! More hats!