Saturday, November 20, 2010

Small Progress

While it got off to a slow start, my plans to do small fast projects are proceeding apace.

Exhibit A:
kid socks

Socks for my nephew, the first pair made from the yarn left from the socks for their dad. They are so darned cute, I can hardly contain myself. However I'm not going overboard with itty bitty socks, at least until I know whether the boys will actually wear them. You never know with kids. But I don't regret doing a couple of pairs, if only for the entertainment value.

Exhibit B:

Mittens for the charity bag. The mittens need to be turned in at the end of the month to be distributed with holiday baskets in December, so I need to finish as many more pairs as I can before then. What makes it awkward is that this will be the same time I need to mail packages to be sure they get there for the holidays. We'll see how that goes.

There was supposed to be an exhibit C, but I'm still looking for that round tuit...


  1. Whoo hoo!!!!!! 6 more projects down!

  2. only 14 more to finish this year! way to go, robin!!