Friday, January 7, 2011

Tell Me It's Friday

1. My office was so chilly this morning I turned the space heater under my desk on high and tried to melt my sneakers. If telling untruths really caused one's pants to burst into flame, I might have tried it just to get warm.

2. I found (and corrected) two mistakes in the sole of the sock I'm making. Wouldn't you think if I was going to make mistakes, it would be in the patterned bit and not the stockinette?

3. I have resolved not to look too closely at the patterned bits of the current socks.

4. I'm simultaneusly wanting to finish the WIPs I have on the needles and wanting to cast on something new. My goal oriented side is still ascendant, but my dilettante side keeps drawing my attention to the new yarn and going. 'Ooh, look, shiny!'

5. I like Fridays because I can drink as much coffee as I want, stay up late, and sleep late the following morning. I'm wondering if coffee intake correlates to shortness of attention span.

6. They're predicting 1-3 inches of snow today. I'm trying to dwell on the lack of shoveling instead of wishing for a foot.

7. My inner child really wants a foot of snow.

8. But a foot of snow would interfere with weekend plans so I guess not getting it is good.

9. I often think my inner child isn't as inner as many people's.


  1. Number 1 and 9 made me laugh so hard!

  2. my inner child wants to play with your inner child in the yarn room! but not in the snow, 'cause snow is cold and i don't do cold well. (wait a sec, that first sentence sounded waaay less naughty when i thought it than it looks in type. sigh.)

    also, my verification word is "moopu," which totally sounds like an inner-child kind of word.