Tuesday, January 11, 2011


First up, we have two socks, two days later than expected.
more socks

These are the socks that were delayed by being left at my office over Christmas. I got up to the cuff on Saturday while enjoying music at the Boston Celtic Music Festival. And they would have been done on Sunday, except I came down with a rotten virus. Not an especially bad cold as these things go, but I blew off all plans Sunday to lie on the couch with hot drinks, books and cats.

Speaking of which, Biscuit is still skittish, but he's decided that JT might not be an evil cat-eating monster after all.
Biscuit decides JT might be okay after all.

Biscuit and Cookie are not quite buddies yet, but they're getting along pretty well. They circle around, touch noses and chirrup at one another. And they play chasing games, where one of them will jump out at the other, paws flapping, and the other will go tearing off across the house. A few minutes later they come tearing back with the positions reversed. Really we're quite pleased--there has been lots of romping, and a little playful batting, but no growling or hissing or serious conflict at all.

They have also discovered a common interest in cat toys:
Cookie and Biscuit flank the toy

Cookie is definitely the superior in his stalking and pouncing technique, but Biscuit makes up for lack of skill with commendable enthusiasm. Although his short Persian legs are not suited to leaping so much as propelling himself across the floor like a very fluffy mop.

Now I'm on to the next WIP, the tulip scarf, though if I get a few minutes I do need to cast on for some baby things. I'm fresh out of stock, and I've got a co-worker with a new grandchild coming in the spring. And I like to have a gift or two made up in advance, in case I need it without a lot of notice.


  1. Oh dear! Hope you're feeling better, though I admit that a little kitty floor show would be good entertainment for a sick day.

    Get well soon!

  2. Glad that Biscuit is coming out of his shell a bit! Although he is such a disgruntled looking cat....