Monday, February 21, 2011

The Path of True Love

green Aran cardigan
It is possible that I have been in denial about how much this cold has been slowing me down. Because if at any point this week you asked me how much I love this sweater, my answer would have been 'utterly and completely!'. And if you'd asked how much I wanted it to be done so I could wear it I would have said, 'lots and lots!'.

And yet, even though I officially knit the last stitch on it a week ago, it has taken me all week to weave in the ends (to be fair, there were quite a few). And sew on buttons. But now that I have?
back of green Aran cardigan

True love. (Yes, this really is the green Aran that I started over a year ago. The poor thing has been repeatedly bumped off the list- and I don't think at any point it has ever been at the top of the to-knit list. But it finally got done nevertheless.)

But. Was it really love that finally got me to finish?

Or....was it that I just couldn't wait to start a new project?

I'm not sayin'. I don't want to hurt the green Aran's feelings.


  1. Fantastic!!!! Is it love now that it is done? It looks wonderful.

  2. Looks gorgeous and incredibly warm. I think is shows the love.

  3. beautiful! and you finished it while the weather is still sweater-friendly. that sounds like perfect timing to me.