Thursday, May 19, 2011

Socked In

I've decided that it is officially the coldest, wettest, nastiest spring in the History of Robin. We're in for another uninspiring day of drizzle interspersed with episodes of pouring rain. It's enough to make a person grow mold.

Fortunately, cuddling up in a pile of yarn is a pretty good antidote for that sort of thing, and what could be toastier than handknit socks?
twin rib socks

This pair of twin rib socks was cast on back in March. These were the ones I started in a herringbone pattern I eventually decided wasn't simple enough for good travel knitting, frogged and reknit in something I could remember without a pattern. I've knit several other pairs of socks in twin rib, and so when other easily portable projects like hats and mittens came along, it got pushed aside. But finally got some attention last week, and I finished knitting them over the weekend.

And since I'd been poking around in the sock yarn barrel, I'd been reminded that I'd picked up more yarn to feed my brother-in-law's red wool sock addiction. So I cast on a pair of those Sunday morning. And here they are.
red wool socks

Gotta love worsted weight for socks. Only 52 stitches around, and the larger row gauge just seems to make them fly.

So now the question on my mind is, what next? Another pair of red socks for sure. (I'm casting them on as I blog.) And I've been dying to try the merino tencel sock yarn I picked up a while ago, so that's a strong possibility. I'm hoping to get some time to do some sums and choose patterns for the gansey. That's been sitting way too long waiting for design time. I've got a simple ribbed hat on the needles, just to make sure I've got something easy ready to travel. And then then I'm screwing up my nerve to try intarsia.

One thing's for sure...I'm not leaving my pile of yarn until the sun comes out.


  1. I'm with you. This has been a horrendous spring. I'm actually brought out my mitts. BTW, I start the bodice today.

  2. It has been a pretty crappy spring - here's hoping summer makes up for it!

  3. Yarn is an excellent antidote for cold, rainy days! I'm finishing up a pair of socks myself and eyeing my yarn stash for the next ones.

  4. Red socks make gray days better, for sure! We've had quite the gray spring around here, too - it rained on me in the pool on Monday morning. In May! In San Diego! Sigh... At least my knitwear is getting more use :)