Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meet the Stash

Well, Toni has showed us hers. (Bravely done, Toni! ) so I figured it might be a good idea to get mine out in the open. For one thing, I've been catching myself thinking, Oh it's only three bags--oops, forgot the baby yarn. I’m pretty sure losing track of how much yarn you have is one of your seven early warning signs your stash might be on the verge of going critical. (I'm not sure what the other six are, but maybe Toni can enlighten us.)

Plus, hauling things out of closets is intensely interesting for the cats.

So- in downstairs stash (okay, stashing in more than one location- that's probably another one), we have the bag of wool on the right, the bag of acrylic on the left, and the canister of sock yarn in the center. The wool bag includes all the sport weight wool for the gansey-in-progress.
downstairs stash

I'm actually kind of pleased because earlier this year I had *two* bags that size of acrylic, and one of them was emptied and is now being used for finished knitted items awaiting donation! Really, I don't need to have this much acrylic on hand. So I’ve been working on knitting it down. And speaking of things awaiting donation, here's some more acrylic which has been converted to mittens:
and even yet more mittens

There's also a knitting basket (not pictured) with a few odd skeinlets in it, and of course my knitting bag, which has various things in progress.

In upstairs stash, we have the baby yarn- I've been trying to put a dent in this with the mitred square blanket, but in such a light weight, it's taking forever. And in the adjoining bags we have more of the blue and yellow acrylic I've already made two sweaters from (there's enough for at least one more here, and something less than a sweater. Maybe a shrug or a vest. Those were given to me. And then two more sweaters' worth of yarn that I bought just before my mom's friends destashed the other two bags in my direction.
upstairs stash

So, it's seven bags. That's not so much, is it? (Warning sign number 3?)

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  1. Nope, not bad at all. (No self-justification in that endorsement at all. Nope, not at all.)