Thursday, December 22, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

So there I was, feeling all productive because the shopping is done and I have made a hillion jillion cookies and the tree is up and intermittantly decorated (depending on how recently the cats have been by). And I am working on the last Christmas item of the year which is a pair of socks. (I don't think it's really giving anything away at this point to suggest that someone I know might be getting handknit socks for Christmas. I mean, these people do know me.)

And I was working on this sock before my karate practice, while waiting for the previous class, a kids' group, to wrap up. And, as there usually is, there were a gaggle of parents and kids running around while waiting for their offspring/siblings to get out.

So as I sat there, plying my needles and string, a pair of precious moppets about four and six immediately gravitated to the lady with the sharp pointy things and asked, "Hey, what are you doing?"

So I explained knitting, socks, Christmas.

They asked why I was doing it.

It's fun, the socks are warm, comfortable and look nice.

Then the older of the two fixed her bright eyes intently on the needles, opened her mouth, and struck right to the heart of the matter with devastating insight. "Only one sock?"

And thus forced me to confront the fact that yes, it's three days until Christmas, sock number one isn't quite done yet, and a rational person would have to say the second one isn't likely to be done by Sunday. And yes, they may turn out to be New Year socks and not Christmas socks, and they will be no less nice.

But why be rational? I'll keep knitting. Christmas is a time for magic, you know. Besides. I like knitting.


  1. Rationality has no place in knitting.

  2. *guffawing* Oh my goodness. Love it. (Suddenly remembering I've had a sock and a half since summer, and if I really really--naaaah...)

  3. A few years ago I hadn't finished a pair of mittens I was making for my Dad. I wrapped the one mitten and told him the other one was on it's way. It has become a favorite story for him and everyone got a real good laugh.

  4. Christmas magic, huh? I could use some indeed, as I still haven't finished a pair of podster mitts for a coworker's Secret Santa gift... and the deadline is tonight at work! "All" I need to finish is the flip-tops, but that won't happen today. (Gotta sleep, ya know?)

    Hope your holiday is warm and wonderful, Robin!