Tuesday, December 20, 2011

With Help Like This

It occurs to me that there haven't been a lot of cat photos lately. For a week or so, it's because the cats were preoccupied with their new catnip bag:
Biscuit hits the nip

They took turns with it until it got throughly saturated with cat spit (yuck!) which eventually reduced the potency so they weren't lying around on the floor all afternoon with twitching paws, rubbing the bag on their noses.

But that was then. Lately, they've been taking an active role (also roll) in the holiday preparations. For example:

Biscuit keeps the tree from escaping
Biscuit kept the Christmas tree branches from getting away while I put the tree up.

Cookie and Biscuit, decorating consultants
There was constant interested supervision while I hung the tree with lights, garland and cat toys ornaments.

I didn't get any pictures of the garland being dragged off the tree and attacked viciously because I was too busy yelling, 'no, stop it, don't eat that!' and removing it from paws and mouths. I did advise my husband to keep an eye out for 'sparkle poo' in the litterbox. He gave me a husband look, and asked (fairly enough), "And then do what?" I'm not entirely sure what the garland's offense was, but the cats tell me, 'it was asking for it'.

There was also a certain amount of removing Biscuit from the tree's lower branches. Several of them are distinctly bent toward the floor now. And the tree decorations stop a foot or so above the bottom of the tree. (After the first few low-hanging ornaments were removed by my decorating consultants, I got the message.) Mom, I'm afraid those glass balls you gave me are not going on the tree this year. I'm sure you understand.

The lovely quilted tree skirt my mother made for me got two paws up, however.
Two paws up for the quilted tree skirt
Two paws up for the quilted tree skirt

We appear to have achieved a sort of equilibrium, wherein all the ornaments are staying on the tree and the thoroughly cowed garland has withdrawn from floor level. The cats still love to sit under it (which I quite approve of), and JT is busy getting the train set running around the base which should prove entertaining--for someone.


  1. Ok, that picture of Biscuit under the tree is pretty "Miss December" looking! ;-)

    Our cats are quite sure that the REASON we hang the big plastic ball type ornaments on the bottom of the tree is so that they can knock them down and bat them around the house. Isn't that what they're for!??

    The heck with seeing you and JT - I miss the cats! Clearly a visit is long overdue! ;-)

  2. I have heard of humans being randomly assaulted by garlands in recent year, so it's best that the Kitty Patrol is well on top of things. :)

  3. We are having a big problem with Onyx attacking all the decorations. I have resorted to spraying vinegar and water around the tree and on the bottom branches. I also spray around the table my village in on. So far it seems to be working.

  4. I have a small foot-and-a-half tree and it's ontop of my entertainment centre, so my poor cats are deprived of all that Christmassy fun