Sunday, February 26, 2012


And now I really am over the afghan:


It insisted on bedeviling me right to the end by running out of the dark green 8" before the end on the last round outside the border squares, but I just pulled it out, and redid the last round in half-double crochet instead of double-crochet; which used enough less yarn for me to finish.  Finished size is about 45" square, the pastels have been almost entirely wiped out of the mitten-and-hat stash, and I'm more than ready to move on to something else.  Just about anything else! 

The possibilities are--if not endless--certainly numerous.  But whatever I cast on next, it's definitely going to be smaller


  1. i like it! and you're right: sometimes, bigger is NOT better.

  2. Hey, that turned out well. AND IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes the best part of a craft project is the part where you're totally and completely done with (and free of) it. :)

  3. I like it too! And sometimes you just have to work on something else in great relief. I'm hoping to get to that point soon on my current project.