Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Maple Mitten Music Mystery Madness

Much merriment materialized at Chez Robin this month.  Fortunately for you, I have abandoned the idea of trying to write an entire post using words starting with M.  (I don't think it's impossible but it would be kind of choppy.)   However there is a definite M-theme going.  See-

1.  Mittens-  I knew when I cast on mittens after the blanket that I couldn't stop with just one pair.    It still looks pretty harmless at the moment, but I'm going strong.  Just as well, the donation bag is pathetically empty, and fall (when the mittens will be donated) tends to be taken up with Christmas knitting.   More mittens ahead!
March mittens

2.  Maple- we had pre-mapled in February (thanks to having houseguests we wanted to take to our favorite sugar-house-adjacent restaurant) but the Real True Official Maple Expedition was this past weekend.  We watched the sap being boiled, we ate maple drenched pancakes, maple sugar on snow and came home with doughnuts covered in maple cream.  Yum.   Also, I'm thinking more exercise is in order.

3.  Music- well, of course we started the month in Texas, but thanks to St. Patrick's Day, there are a lot of good Celtic music concerts in our area in March.  We've got two concerts this week, and are looking around for what else is going on in our area. 

4.  Mysteries- the reason I've only gotten three pairs of mittens done is that I've been reading.  We picked up the third of Aaron Elkins art-themed mysteries at a used bookstore, so I've just re-read all three of them.  They make me more interested in art than I actually am--and also kind of hungry, since the characters spend a lot of time eating really delicious-sounding food.

5.  Material-  all the quilt material is washed, dry and I'm making steady progress with the ironing and sorting.  It was kind of an exciting moment yesterday when I finally took the last of it down from where it had been draped to dry and dumped it on the table (it all fit, that's the exciting part).    I may have to take a break soon, however.   Handling all the colors makes me start dreaming up designs and I need to do some actual sewing before I wind up starting a dozen different projects all at once. 

 And I'll leave you there because the mittens are calling- and also, I've got the munchies!


  1. Ooh, even just thinking about all that maple is going to drive me to the gym today..........Yummy!

    1. Which reminds me--what did you think of maple cream? I offered one of my maple cream doughnuts to my sister and she said that she didn't care for maple frosting... but no, I said, try a bit- not frosting! She took a bite, blinked, and then ate the rest of the doughnut. *g* (I'm a really bad influence.)

  2. I LOVE maple cream. I do miss that local flavor: the radio weather reports that put the temps in terms of the sugaring.