Sunday, January 27, 2013

Easily Amused

I can't believe it's almost the end of the month.  Where did it all go?  And why don't I have more stuff done?   I strongly suspect there's an element of work-swallowing-my-life there, but even that doesn't explain as much as I'd like.

On the crafting front, I'm still working on the same mitts and socks as last post.  Today, with the the moral support of the knitting group, I frogged the alpaca sweater back to the ribbing and started again with the lighter color yarn.   Really, not so much to show or tell.

On the home front, the major entertainment is my husband's new phone.  His old and extremely primitive prior phone got laundered.  Technically, I'm the one who laundered it, but there were extenuating circumstances- he dropped his jeans (with the phone in the pocket) in my laundry basket without telling me.  His reasoning was that the jeans needed mending and I would do laundry before he did-- perfectly logical, as I did.    But, not realizing I had acquired an extra pair of jeans, I didn't check the pockets before putting them in the washer.  (My own pockets are checked as they go into the basket.  My husband's, not so much.) extremely clean but only partially working phone.

The entertainment value of the new phone is that it has a camera.  And where there is a camera, there are cat pictures:
Pineapple upside-down cat
This wasn't the cat's idea.  But he was
surprisingly patient with it nonetheless.
Clearly we are easily amused. 


  1. Nothing is cuter than a fluffy, pineapple upside down cat!

    We each do our own laundry too, though occasionally I find his stuff mixed in with mine. The most I've ever accidentally washed though are receipts and notes (sometimes important), and guitar picks (there's a lot of those!) Any money I find, I keep!

  2. If you think you're too easily amused, I can't imagine what you think of the millions of people who gawk at pictures of cats on the internet!

    1. Not too easily amused...just easily amused enough I think. :)

  3. CAPICTURES! <3 <3 <3

  4. Cute!!!!!!! And really good pictures--my phone still takes rather blurry pictures. Sometimes my camera does that as well, but that is always user-error.

  5. You can never go wrong with cat pictures. The more the better. :)