Sunday, June 16, 2013

In Which Jetlag Kicks My Butt

If I've been a bit out of touch these last few weeks it's because we got back Tuesday from 18 days vacation in England.  It was a terrific trip.  We had great weather, did lots of walking and sightseeing.  In fact we pretty much rolled out of bed early, spent the day on the move, and got back to the hotel at 10 pm and fell into bed.  Every day.

I brought socks to knit- and got a sock and a half done.   Despite knitting on trains, buses and in restaurants, we were on the move *a lot*.   Actually most of the half-sock was knit on the flight home.  Here's the completed one:

A nice simple pattern, something I could pick up and put down without losing track of what I was doing.  

Naturally, the cats stayed home while we were away.  The boys had a sitter who came in every day, as well as several of our friends who dropped by to visit the cats and play with them.   I swear, Biscuit and Cookie have a more active social life than we do!  They were pretty laid back about our being gone, not anxious or upset when we came back, which was good.  Though since we came back I have noticed an increased propensity on Biscuit's part to follow me around and settle wherever I am, keeping an eye on things.  Kind of like this:

Clearly, he thinks I need supervision.  Who knows what I might get up to without it?

Actually, what I'm likely to do is fall asleep.  We got in at nearly midnight Tuesday, and both went back to work on Wednesday morning.  Our theory was that the time change going west is easier, which is certainly true.  However, this is the longest vacation we've ever taken anywhere, let alone overseas, and we underestimated the extent to which we had adapted to the different time zone.  Our bodies remain stubbornly convinced that it's five hours later than the clock says, despite us keeping appropriate hours in eastern standard time.   We've been home five days, and today's the first day I haven't woken at 5 am, convinced I'd overslept!

At any rate, the next little while on the blog is going to be consumed by travelogue, a whopping 18 days worth.  Don't worry, I'll be editing the nearly 1000 photos we took down to something more reasonable.   And if you're not a fan of vicarious travel, check back in a week or so- when we'll be getting back to our regularly scheduled crafting and cat picture content. 

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  1. So that's where you got off to! I'm glad you were able to take such a long vacation. Thanks so much (in advance) for sharing your trip with us.