Sunday, October 6, 2013

Turn, Turn

I can no longer deny that summer is truly over, and fall is upon us.  The days are shorter, the leaves are starting to change color, and suddenly it's all about the hats and mittens.  See?  We've got more kid mittens.

And I finally got around to trying the Fox and Geese hat pattern from Robin Hansen's Fox and Geese and Fences, with some help from Biscuit:
Despite that, I managed to finish the hat:
And then I decided I had to try the two color variation, see what it looked like:
And I still had some dark blue left, and there was a concert so I needed something with strong contrast I could knit in dim light.  So I cast on another hat.
And then last night there was another concert, so I cast on yet another colorwork hat.
Have I mentioned lately that colorwork is really addictive?   It's really addictive. 

And in other cat news, Jake and Cookie are staring to get along better.  Despite Cookie stealing Jake's new catnip mouse right out from under him.   But they made up:

Jake's not used to the constant clicking of cameras yet.  But he has got the hang of where the soft sleeping places are.  I woke up the other night with Cookie curled at my feet, Jake curled up beside my knee, and Biscuit patting my face to wake me up because he was hungry.   Some things never change.

This weekend I'd planned to cut a swathe through my to-do list at home, but I've come down with a minor bug that has nevertheless sucked a lot of the get-up-and-go out of me.   Which makes me grumpy.  I've hit the high points anyway and spent the rest of the weekend sleeping, reading, and drinking hot cider.   Not necessarily a bad way to spend a rainy fall weekend, but I'll have to turn up the hustle as soon as I finish kicking this crummy cold back where it came from. 


  1. I hear you on the cold front - I've had a brutal one and am only just getting over it!
    I LOVE that purple hat - what pattern is that?

  2. So sorry about the bug. But I'm loving the knitting and the cats and the idea of cider--cider hasn't shown up here yet that I've seen, and it's just not everywhere the way it is back home/back East.

    My tomato plant is blooming again, trying.

  3. Oh no! Hope you're feeling better soon!