Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sock to Sock to Sock..and a Smidgeon of Vest

There's been a lot of fast moving sock action this week.  First, I finished the Rose Petit Socks.

Then a long board game session on Friday got me through a big chunk of the second Mr. Dress-Up sock, and a little more work on Saturday finished it up.

I'm wearing them today- very toasty!   But that left me without a small traveling project, so I had to cast on...yet another sock. 

I seem to have this sock love affair going on this winter.  Possibly since it's been so cold.   But yesterday was a welcome break from the big chill, and the cats got some quality time out on the sun porch.  The tux boys, as my husband calls Jake and Cookie, are the real sun lovers.   Probably because their dark coats let them really feel the heat.   Here's Jake, soaking up some rays. 

Cookie is an old hand at this kind of thing, and knows that while the sun feels good, the floor of the porch is cold.  So as soon as I came out on the porch, he kept trying to climb on me.  As soon as I sat down- whomp.  Cat on lap.  (Making him harder to photograph.)
Biscuit wanted to go out on the porch because the other cats and I were there, but he didn't really get it.  All that fluff makes him kind of oblivious to heat and cold, and the white doesn't soak up the sun the same way. 

"I don't get it?  What's the big deal being out here?"
Today was still on the mild side, but overcast and rainy, so it was more of a curl-up-and-sleep day for cats, and a knit-and-read day for me.  I worked some more on the vest, which is coming along, though still not to the arm split yet.   The longest rows of the sweater, and they seem to take forever. 
I should be getting there soon, though.

 I am starting to think about casting on something else for variety, however.  So excuse me while I go wind some yarn.


  1. Your socks are rockin!
    All three of my kids adore the sun. I think Peno likes it the most, though Tux is a close second.

    1. I know! That's the 4th pair I've finished since the New Year. And yeah, sun and cats, cats and sun. They just go together. Except for Biscuit, our social butterfly, who would rather be with the people than anything else. (Preferably awake people who are paying attention to him. Hopefully I gave him enough pettings this morning that he's letting my husband sleep in- he's got a wicked cold.)

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  3. LOL! I don't blame them! We've had a few days of sunshine after a month or more of inversion and both cats and both humans were chasing the rays. We're back to snow and grey today.....