Monday, March 24, 2014


When Barbara reminded me about March Sweater Madness, I though, "Hey, that's a great idea."   I haven't done it before,  I had several sweaters in my queue- I even had one I was just about to cast on.    It was only when I went to pack for my trip when the light dawned.  There really wasn't room in my luggage to carry a whole sweater's worth of yarn.  So, instead I took yarn for a cowl:
Harvest Leaves Cowl
And my go-to travel projects: socks.  The red socks were on the downhill slope- I was mid-way through the second one when we left.   So I took a rainbow skein of yarn for some plain socks:

I'm not as thrilled with these as I'd hoped to be- the color repeats are so short that it winds up kind of a muddle of all skinny stripes.  If I'd been home when I started these, I think I would have set this skein aside until I had a chance to use it as an entrelac project- I think the short color repeats would have looked much better in a smaller project.  But they are cheery, and hey- how can you not like rainbows on your feet?

And then we got back and there were a whole host of distractions- the basement flooded, I had a flat tire, my car had a close enounter with a suicidal deer, tax season is coming... not too surprising that I didn't get to start my sweater until last week:
I love the colors, and so far the pooling is tolerable.   We'll see how it goes. 

And I couldn't go long without socks on the needles.  I've cast on a pair of the D'Artagnon socks- not much to show for them yet, so no picture. 

And then a friend asked if I'd knit her something out of her yarn for a shop sample.   Well.  Who could say no to yarn this beautiful? 

After all that, the square I've promised to an afghan project should be trivially easy, right? 

It's just possible I've fallen into the common knitter trap of vastly overestimating how much I can knit in any given amount of time.   But hey.  Sanity is overrated.  Quality time with yarn...that can't be overrated.  And if we get more snow this week (as is predicted), I'm going to need a nice pile of yarn to keep me going until spring finally stops lollygagging and puts in an appearance.  


  1. You seem to be knitting at the speed of light, to get so much off your needles! The sweater will practically knit itself. What pattern are you using for the March Sweater Madness?

    1. Barbara- that's the effect of 4 plane flights- two cross-country, plus two weekend-long music festivals. Festivals are great knitting time- I pretty much knit all day while listening to music. Alas, but I do not have nearly so much time at home! And the Mad March Sweater is my own pattern. I have a fair idea of what I'm going to do, but I may wind up making changes if the pooling is too obnoxious.

  2. Beautiful knitting!

    And I could definitely do that bag of 10 skeins of 200ish yards each of Malabrigo to make my grandson an afghan for his birthday before we see him next week, right?

  3. Hey, we have two more days. It could happen...............:)

  4. Exactly, Toni! Robin, I noticed I failed to add you to the March Sweater Madness blog. Throw your email my way and I will fix that oversight. Knit on!

    1. It's on my profile at