Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Status Check

1.  Snow- gone except for the dusting we got this morning.  (Cats are not pleased- they want to know what happened to the warm on the porch we had over the weekend.)
2.  Taxes for 2013- paid.
3.  Estimated quarterly taxes for 2014- paid.
4.  Wishing that quarterly taxes could be paid electronically, annual grumbling complete.
5.  Kitchen- clean-ish.
6.  Rest of house- best not thought about right now. 
7.  Afghan square, frogged three times.  Will either come out correct size this time or I will change the pattern to something easier. 
8.  Auction socks- day 3 of painstakingly fixing mis-crossed cables. 
9.  Beating self up about lack of awareness of mis-crossed cables, complete.
10.  State of mind- optimistic.  After all, the sun is shining and the days are getting longer.  That makes any day better. 

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