Thursday, January 22, 2015


Last weekend's plans were derailed by a last minute social engagement which turned into another weekend-long board games marathon.
I only succeeded in conquering the galaxy once, but my final move of the game was to decisively blow up a dreadnought that had invaded my star empire.   I gloated basked at least halfway through the next game.  

We built star empires, constructed the French countryside, and finished with a rousing game of RoboRally, wherein my sneaky spouse snatched victory while I was busy pushing Kevin's robot into a pit.  These things happen.  

While not much happened on the craft front, I did finish off the cell phone cozy.
I may still get funny looks when I pull the phone out of it, but it definitely protects the phone from getting banged and scratched in my bag, and it's not nearly as eye-catching as the sock I was using as an interim cover.  

The cats were thrilled with the company- our friend Kevin is a frequent visitor, and all the boys came out to greet him (and sniff his luggage).  Biscuit has evidently decided he's part of the family, and patted him, followed him around, and supervised his activities in the bathroom.   It was exhausting, however, and Biscuit needed a lie down after a while.

Cookie and Jake were more blase, and curled up together in the living room while the rest of us played games in the library.  

Tonight I arrived home to find everyone weirded out by the furnace having emitted noxious smells. My husband had the situation well in hand- the furnace turned off, repair persons called, and his schedule rearranged to be here to let them in while I'm at work tomorrow.   There are some decided benefits to this marriage thing.   The weather has fortunately cooperated by not being enormously cold, so we'll be fine overnight- we can always build a fire in the wood stove in the morning if it's too chilly.    Hopefully it's nothing serious.  Our hot water is made by the furnace, and while it will stay hot for a couple of days with the furnace off,  keeping a fire going in the woodstove and heating water in the kitchen for baths is a pain in the patootie.  Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck with that furnace! I can only assume it is really cold up there now and you are simply being traditionally stoic New Englanders not to have already moved into a hotel.

  2. Oh heavens! Hope that furnace gets fixed SOON!