Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring, Technically

According to the calendar, spring is here.   According to me...well, it's dragging its feet getting here.   While much of the snow has melted, the grass is still brown, and there are still snow-bank remnants suppressing the crocuses.  And this afternoon at lunch my husband looked out the window of the restaurant and said, "It's snowing."

"No,"  I replied firmly.  "I disbelieve. I'm done with snow."  Apparently firmness was all that was required.  There were no snowflakes to be seen when when we finished lunch.   It was still cold enough that I wore my mittens, but I was heartened to see my first crocus in a flowerbed almost ready to bloom.

We were out in western MA to visit with in-laws, so naturally I took knitting.  I'm doing finish work on the vest- finally cast off the 344 stitches of the bottom edging and am knitting the second sleeve edging.  After that, a zillion miles of i-cord edging and it will at last be done.

It's a little unwieldy though, so I got more done on the socks today.  Here they are:

Nice warm colors for a spring that mostly hasn't been.   I was also amused to note that the color of these socks- which I started on the Dallas trip- are surprisingly close to the colors in the pretties  I brought home with me.

Clearly I had leaves on the brain, don't you think?

This week isn't expected to be a whole lot warmer than the last one, but the days are longer, the cats had some time on the sun porch over the weekend, and I know that however hard winter tries to cling, it's doomed.  I just wish it would doom a little faster!


  1. We got snow yesterday. It didn't stick around for long... but it was there. I tried to tell myself that the angels were just crying Easter Bunny fluff... but it's no warmer today. (And no sunshine either!)

    The sock looks great.. and the jewellry! GORGEOUS! Just my style (and I've got a soft spot for amber)

  2. Here, here, we'll be glad to take a little of that precipitation off your hands. (Actually, today and tomorrow, we're supposed to.) Those earrings and socks are a great match!

  3. It was good to hear that the snow has mostly melted in your area...and with the snow you got, there had to be a LOT of melting. The ground should be ready for spring flowers!! We have had one-day snow storms move in and out in the past couple weeks too... and I'm ready for spring to STAY.

    The striping on the socks is really pretty. Good-looking socks, for sure. And I like the jewelry. I have a soft spot for amber too. Beautiful.