Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tipping Point

I have to really admire the busy bloggers I know who nonetheless share their crafts regularly with their far-flung fans on the net.  It seems like when I hit a tipping point, everything else falls off the radar.   But, despite my very slow rate of crafting recently, I've blogged even less, so I do have a few new things to show you.

1.  My stalwart assistant.  Biscuit wants you to know that depriving you of his presence was not his idea.  He's cute even when the internet isn't looking.

2.  Yarn!  Which is not new, but I amazingly managed to wind it off without help (Biscuit loves the yarn swift).   I of course in a fit of optimism figured I'd be needing the rest of my skeined sock yarn any minute now.

3.  But in fact this is not the case.  I'm still working on sock number one of the latest Chevron socks. Probably because I tried four different patterns with the stripes until in exasperation I resorted to a pattern I had already tried and knew looked good.  

4.  Jake and Cookie want you to know that they're guarding my jacket diligently.  Probably because it was in a good position to surveil the cat food bowls in case any passing humans decide to Do Something Interesting involving cans and thumbs. 

5.  When the sock got to be too complicated for me, I fell back on mittens.  Plus, they satisfy the primal urge to finish something already. 

6.  And last but not least, on the rare occasions I am not missing the right needles, the pattern, the contrast yarn, and am not grafting the ^&%$$#@!! hood for the fifth time- wrong- I've been making progress on the Tomten jacket.  I'm now at the sleeves, so I'm hoping I'm on the home stretch.  I need to hustle, or the kid's going to outgrow this before it is done.  (It's for the new son of one of my co-workers.)

In other news, I've been to Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis and upstate New York since we last visited, work continues busy, I've opened the pool (after a windstorm mostly took the cover off anyway), gone to concerts, visited with relations, climbed a mountain (first long walk of the season), gotten sunburned (first time forgetting sunscreen of the season) and hobbled around like a cripple (first time overdoing-it-while-in-pathetically-unfit-shape of the season).   Or in other words, life is humming along at its usual frenetic rate.    And now I should sleep, because I haven't the least intention of slowing down any time soon!  


  1. With that last paragraph, I think you've had plenty reasons not to blog - that's a busy schedule! It's nice seeing the fluffy ones though!

  2. Wow--no wonder you haven't been knitting! Except for the mittens--it does feel good to finish SOMETHING, doesn't it?

  3. AnonymousMay 09, 2016

    Oh my gosh ......I just want to snorgle that Biscuit belly. It's so flooofy!

    The busy season is upon us! :-) And ......I too am sporting the first sunburn of the season.

    Looks like you have actually accomplished quite a BIT of knitting.