Sunday, May 15, 2016

Making Hay- or at Least Flowers

This week was gorgeous and sunny and warm, contrasting very favorably with the prior ten days of rain, cold, drizzle and occasional downpours for variety.   Despite being very busy, everything seems easier when the sun is shining.

I put the zipper in the little sweater, and it's gone off to a very small new little boy.

I also found and photographed the other 3 pair of mittens that were floating around.   

That brings the knitting photography up to date.   I'm on the second blue stripy sock, but it's really only getting attention when I'm waiting somewhere, like for my order to come in a restaurant.  

Biscuit has been getting attention however.  (He kind of demands it.)  See, while he has never liked especially to be picked up, he would tolerate it.  And really- a cat that fluffy and cute should expect to be picked up and snuggled a lot.   But then we finally learned the way he wants to be held- right-side up and supported on the cradle of our arms.  He'll stay like this for quite some time.  Certainly long enough to put your arm to sleep.  (He likes wool sweaters, too.  The one my husband is wearing in this picture is possibly my favorite sweater that I have made, ever.)

So now, when Biscuit is bored, he'll come and complain.  And he will be picked up and walked around the library, or just held and patted.  While he purrs, and occasionally flexes a fluffy paw in contentment.  And we go, "aww...."  and try to restore circulation in our arm.  

In other news, I got out in the yard this week to see what was going on.  Quite a lot of bulbs haven't bloomed and the lone hyacinth has gone by, but the miniature daffodils are adorable as always.  
I have to wonder about the bulbs- last year a lot of them barely put up leaves after the harsh winter- I'm hoping they'll eventually come back.  

There's a positive riot of violets all over the place, from white to violet and everything in between:

The forget-me-nots are unforgettable. 

The candytuft iberis is soldiering on.  It doesn't seem overly happy.  It may need some fertilizer.  

The lupines aren't blooming yet, but they are spreading like crazy.  And the volunteer columbine from last year is back with more buds.  

And last but not least, the lilies of the valley are putting on a lovely show as always.  


  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2016

    Biscuit is very HANDSOME! He has that look of ---- well, of COURSE I will lay here as long as I like. You won't mind the pins-and-needles in your arms. LOL

  2. Ha! Ha! He does look very content. And BEAUTIFUL sweater!!!!!!!!!!!