Sunday, January 22, 2017

And Four

After starting the year thinking that if I would just be monogamous and finish up the sleeves on my sweater I could have it done in no time...yeah.  Haven't touched it.  Instead I finished the hat that I started in December, ran out of yarn halfway through, decided that with the design as I had it, there was no way to finish it without it looking lame.  So I ripped a bunch of it back and rethought the design until I had something less lame.
That's three partial balls of yarn completely used up plus part of a fourth.  Two of them finished the round with only  a couple of inches left.  Using all the yarn is so gratifying.

And I also knit another baby sweater, even smaller than the last one.  It didn't use all the yarn but was still cute.
Pencil included for scale.

And then there's the scarf that I haven't photographed yet, and I'm past the heel turn on the current socks.    But my poor lonely sweater needs love, so I mean to give it some.  Real Soon Now. 


  1. That hat is gorgeous!!! You did a great job figuring out the yarn.

    The little itty-bitty sweater is adorable too. Congrats on the finishes. Now go get that sweater. LOL

  2. What lovely knits! The hat looks amazing!

    1. I have a basic hat pattern, so when I have the urge to do colorwork, I cast on a plausible number of stitches, do an inch and a half of twisted ribbing, and then pull out one of my books of colorwork patterns, choose one with the right stitch count and then repeat, changing yarns and patterns until I hit the decreases. You can do pretty much any pattern and it comes out looking great.

    2. This is the year I am going to do colorwork, dammit. I've had a pattern picked out for forever. And the yarn.

    3. Oh, splendid! Though I warn you, it's addictive.

  3. I love that hat! And the baby sweater reminds me I need to make more of those.

    As for colorwork, I'm convinced that Kaffe Fassett was the impetus for the hand-dyed yarn market coming into existence: All that playing with colors but with far far less work to pull it off.