Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fall KAL Entry

So, it's nearly a month after I've returned from my travels, and I'm still playing catch up.  However,  I am not so behindmost that I could pass up a fall-themed KAL.    Whether I'm going to finish while it's still fall remains to be seen.   However I figured I could a least put up a pic of my entry.
Uncharacteristically for me, it's a shawl.  I don't actually know what the yarn is- it's laceweight, I have a lot of it, and I plan to use it all (unless it turns out that it makes a shawl eighteen feet long in which case I will cast off at 60 inches or so).   And I think it's autumny- a lovely reddish brown, like oak leaves.

I'm thinking it will be just the thing to keep me from shivering like a leaf in the ice cold conference room at work. (Unless it's a day when the ice cold conference room is overheated and my coworkers and I swelter in it instead.  It likes to keep us off balance.  Kind of like fall.)


  1. That will be a lovely shawl! I really need to make something out of lace weight. I love how it looks, but I never can seem to knit with it. I always end up frogging.

    1. While I don't mind knitting with it, but making a fabric so open makes me twitch. I did go down a needle size for this project, but I'm telling myself to relax, it's supposed to be open!

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And, that is a perfect fall color! Happy knitting.

  3. Your fall KAL project is just beautiful! I hope it keeps you very happy while you knit on it

  4. Love the color. Burnt orange is a favorite of mine!