Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happiness is a Warm Scone

And a pot of decent coffee. And a day off...okay, I shouldn't push it, given that it's already a four-day week on account of the Monday holiday!

But I did get moving early enough today to throw a batch of scones in the oven, made with the last of the candied fruit left from New Year's. (Note- my scones do not look like any other scones in the universe. And I'm not sure that candied fruit is mostly considered an appropriate additive, but it tasted fine. That's the important thing, right?)

The fan lace socks benefited from lots of sitting, listening and knitting at the convention over the weekend.
scone and socks

I'm making these a bit short, not because I'm lazy- all right, all right, not *only* because I'm lazy, but because I like them that length. Except for the two pairs of sport socks I own that are the right length, I cuff my socks nearly all the time. It looks dorky, but it stops them from slouching, or me constantly leaning over to pull them up.

When I finally got home (and after it had been thoroughly explained just how Terribly Boring it is when all the people are gone), I had help finishing the sock.

Either that, or she figured if she sat on me, at least she'd know where I was.

In other news, I encountered a pod of knitters at the convention, and by the time I finished talking with them I was nodding glassily and agreeing that Ravelry sounded like an awesome idea. As of this morning there are 3937 people ahead of me in line. At 800-1000 a day joining, I expect I'll finally get to see what all the fuss is about sometime next week.


  1. Nice-looking socks! And I love the help. ;) By gum, she's not planning to let you go anywhere, is she? What con did you go to?

    And Ravelry? Prepare to be lost. [eg] It's wonderful. When you get there, give me a holler so I can friend you - I'm monicapdx there, too - then join the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group group, where you'll find a bunch of like-minded crazies! Er, folk. Yeah, that's it; I meant folk. ::shifty-eyed look:: We're not crazy at all. Perfectly ordinary, that's the ticket. (Bring cake.)

  2. I was about to say how did I miss you at the conference when I realized you meant a different conference. Coincidentally, the last time I was at the hotel where I spent the weekend was more than 10 years ago when I accompanied my husband to a scifi convention.

    I had a lot of help with my knitting when I returned, too.