Friday, July 11, 2008

Not Red

So, after searching around, the helpful folks at my LYS introduced me to the perfect partner for Lola, a charming Norwegian yarn called Dale. I think they look stunning together:
socks from Schaefer Lola colorway A New Day

I needed a plain project for wandering-around knitting, preferably in a light-colored yarn suitable for knitting in dim restaurants. This yarn is good- it's heavy so I didn't want something heavily patterned and lively enough to be interesting to knit. There's only a bit over 200 yards, so I'm using the Dale for toes, heels and cuffs, to bulk it out a bit. Since I like my socks a bit short in the leg, I should have plenty.

This really isn't a colorway I would have bought myself (it was a blog contest prize), and yet clearly I need to become more adventurous in my yarn-buying because I adore it- the soft peach/yellow/pink is so cheerful and sunny I smile whenever I pick it up. (Thanks, Karen!)

And best of all? It's not red.

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