Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Step by Step

The weekend turned out to be a good time for knitting, and yet, I'm in one of those stages where everything is in the middle and the end is not yet in sight.

The New Day socks are coming along. I want to use up all the Lola, so I put the first sock on stitch holders and cast on the second. Clearly I don't have enough sock needles.

I thought the heel felt a bit thin, even though the yarns are very nearly the same weight. But I figured that working the back in heel stitch couldn't hurt.

Saturday I spent hanging out at the Lowell Folk Festival, eating fabulous ethnic food and listening to music. Prime knitting time. There were a lot of good groups, but I think my favorite was a workshop showcasing various percussive dance traditions. They had Ottawa River Valley step, Irish step, Carolina flatfooting, American tap and Quebec step dancing. They did a couple of tunes where they all got up and danced. The tap guys had the hardest time, being furthest away from the more Celtic traditions, but they were good sports about it. I shot a short video clip- the tap guy is first, then the Irish dancer:
(Blogger didn't like the video link, but I think I've successfully set it up so if click on the picture, you'll see the video.)

And then on Sunday, we hosted a birthday party for a friend. Lots of sitting, chatting and knitting there too. (Which makes it all the more mysterious that things aren't further along...possibly there was more chatting and less knitting than I recall.)

Woats declined to help with the knitting, but was clearly filled with party spirit. (There's a bunch of balloons on the other end of those ribbons.)

Fortunately, certain people with no idea of what constitutes a good time intervened before any ribbon was ingested. It was not for want of trying, however!

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  1. What a beautiful cat! (I know, that's not the point of the post, but I just had to say.)