Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things I Have Learned This Week

1. Refusing to get the plague is not always effective.

2. Sheer bloodymindedness has a certain therapeutic effect, however.

3. No day in which I got up at 3:30 AM is a good day for doing knitting math.

4. If one calculates a set of V-neck decreases from the lower chest, and a set of raglan decreases from the armpit, one should not assume that they are worked over the same number of rows (see note 3).

5. Cursing does nothing to alter the inflexible logic of knitting math.

6. Having people come up to comment on my knitting in public, and having my husband proudly point out his handknit socks? Just never gets old.

So, how's your week going?


  1. My day was wonderful! Thank you so much for coming!

  2. Oh my! You did knitting math while you were sick???? Isn't that the equivalent of just going up to the knitting gods and saying, "Bring it on!".......?