Thursday, October 28, 2010

100 Projects or Bust

So, after reading Toni's latest post, wherein she does the unforgiving math on just how many knitting days there are left in the year, and further points out that some of those days are holidays, which tend to take up a lot of time that can't be devoted to craft projects, I stared in the mirror and asked, 'why did I sign on for this again?'. And, because I'm silly that way, I answered myself.

Me: Why did I sign on for this 100 projects-in-a-year challenge?

Robin: You thought it would be fun.

Me, weakly: Really?

Robin: Sure. And besides, last year you only made what, around 35 FOs? This year, you're already over 70. If you stopped right now, you'd be twice as productive as last year. Doesn't that mean anything?

Me: It would mean I'm a loser. The challenge was 100 projects.

Robin: You made ten FOs in January, and you have over two months left. It's still doable.

Me: But six of them were fingerless mitts. And some of those were for children! And my first FO, the sweater, was three-quarters done!

Robin: Picky. There's nothing to stop you from knitting 27 pairs of fingerless mitts for the win.

Me: That would be dumb.

Robin: Your mother is already over a hundred projects for the year. And her list included 24 quilts!

Me: She's retired! Besides, I have a bunch of stuff I want to knit that I have materials for.

Robin: Then why are you talking to me? Knit, already.

Don't you just hate it when you argue with yourself and lose?

So, I took inventory of my planned projects. While I'm not abandoning any of them, it's clear that I'm going to have to work in some more mitten and smaller projects if this is going to work. So with that in mind, I stopped by Joann's the other night and got some more mitten yarn. A lot of the miscellaneous worsted I'm given tends to be light colors, which is not ideal for mittens (hence the attack of pink and yellow hats you've been seeing on the blog). Anyway I picked up a couple of darker (and not incidently more colorful) yarn to liven up the mitten knitting experience. Hence:
Note: the color on these is not true. These are so bright I think the camera sensor was dazzled.

Yet more mittens. I may wind up knitting until the giant apple falls on New York, but at least I'll go down fighting crafting!


  1. You definitely won't lose those mittens in the snow! I'm still cheering for you to make your 100-FO goal, so I can live vicariously through you and that other Toni. Me, I'll be lucky to finish 20 FOs and the same number of charity "squares"!

  2. If it helps any, I've never knit a mitten in my life and go wow at anybody who does. The one time in my life I wasn't seriously knitting was while we lived in New Hampshire--where we seriously needed mittens!

    Knit knit knit! Go team go! And if you count each finger individually towards your goal it works for me, not having done one ever.