Friday, April 29, 2011

Mighty Hunters

Since the weather has suddenly turned warm enough to open doors and windows, the cats have a compelling new hobby, watching the 'out', now with interesting smells and outdoor breezes.
Watching pals

This morning they're teaming up, though they quite often choose vantage points on opposite sides of the house, to cover all approaches.

As you may remember, Cookie proved his prowess not long after coming to live with us by stalking and killing a mouse who foolishly did not take the advent of a cat as an eviction notice. (It's so gratifying...I haven't heard so much a single scamper in the walls in months.)

Biscuit, on the other hand, is happy enough to watch wildlife but has had little opportunity inside the house, though he did find a lady-beetle last week that was good for half-an-hour of entertainment before he finally ate it. With every evidence of enjoyment.

So yesterday morning when I heard a buzz, and saw Biscuit go racing to the window, I thought, "Oh, good, a fly." I figured it would be a little fast for him, but I could go after it with a flyswatter when he got tired of it. But in minutes, he had it slowed down to toy speed, and was chasing it across the floor- which is when I got a good look at it, and realized what he had was a quite large wasp! I dropped my knitting and leapt up from the couch, seizing a magazine and beat it until it stopped moving. (I don't like wasps. I'm not phobic, but I've been stung several times over the years and it is never a good time. A good wasp is a dead wasp.)

Biscuit wasn't stung, so I can only assume that his impressive volume of fluff protected him. He was a little disappointed that I put an end to his fun, but being a cat of little brain, he got over it fast, and enjoyed the praise and pettings he got in compensation. His victory roll:
Biscuit rolls

It proved so comfy he just hung out there for a while, or at least until Cookie came along and sniffed his belly, and he wisely decided curl up before he got pounced on.
Biscuit, sunny side up

Honestly- mice are pesky but fairly rare...bugs, on the other hand, get in all the time. I'm pretty pleased to have a Fearsome Bug-Slayer in the house!


  1. Awwww, all that hunting must be exhausting!

  2. No one enjoys a nap quite like a cat!

  3. I love those pictures! And yes, it's good to know that someone's got you covered on the bug front :)