Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Now That's More Like It

Thanks to a lot of running around that forced me to be monogamous with the Herringbone Socks, I am finally done, finished, kaput and see- evidence!

I was particularly pleased with these, since I had to modify the pattern from six pattern repeats to seven in order for them to fit.  (With socks, I really hate going up in needle size because I prefer a dense fabric, so I nearly always stick to my size 0 needles and add stitches to make them bigger.)  Of course seven repeats is not an even number, so when I changed half the pattern to stockinette for the instep, I had to work out a six stitch version of the herringbone pattern to make the numbers come out right.  I considered just doing three repeats on the instep, but I didn't like the idea of the partial repeat just cutting off at the heel.  So:

The herringbone pattern is a multiple of three, plus three stitches.  So from a 12 stitch repeat I went down to  for the single little herringbone column along the foot.  I'm very pleased with them.  They fit well, they're very comfortable, they look great...and I am so never knitting this pattern again.  It's a lovely pattern, but with slipped stitches and passed stiches in every's very, very, very slow.  


  1. Very very nice! (Said the woman with a sock and a cuff sitting for a year now.)

  2. Oh, they look great!!!!

  3. Pretty! and in my favorite color, too!