Monday, September 16, 2013

And in Fiber News

There's something about summer- the heavy social schedule (lots of cookouts!), the yard work, the travel, and the heat- or some combination of the above- that fills me with laziness and I fall off the blog wagon.  Every darn time. 

But.  I haven't given up playing with yarn.  You knew that, right?   And while I haven't been writing about it, I at least took a few photos.  So here is my summer in crafts:

For those dog days of really hot weather, there was more cotton.  I did another bag, more or less to the same pattern as the first, but this time in blues.
When that got too big to travel, there was a plain blue watch cap. I like to turn out a variety of hats, so there's something to suit all tastes.
Then I surveyed my somewhat bloated stash and decided that while I'd cut the cotton down to size pretty smartly, I still needed to do some more strategic crafting.  And one way to blow out a lot of bulk quickly would be to take a large bag full of squares and turn them into an afghan.  (The squares had come from a friend of my mom's, along with a bunch of yarn.)  So I set to work with a will.
Despite occasional feline assistance, I finished that one in August.
Then I realized that it had been months since I'd done any colorwork, and so I whipped out a quick hat to stave off withdrawal.
And in betwixt and between, there were mittens.

And that's the FOs.  I'm still futzing with the neckline of the bulky weight sweater (I've knit and ripped it twice so far- third time's the charm, I'm hoping.)   There's a mostly finished sock that I should cast off and start its mate one of these days. Last week, I even went through all the new yarn (since I sorted the stash in the spring) and separated it by weight and fiber content to make it easier to find.   And I keep thinking about sewing, but I need to knit some more first because the sewing room is awash in yarn.  And there's been some connubial carpentry with my husband which also is currently in a partially finished state.

And that isn't even getting into the two shorter trips we've taken since the England trip--so many hobbies, so little time!


  1. I envy your productivity. And I mean that with absolute sincerity, as it's taken me ages to finish my purple socks... which I finally did, two days ago... but still haven't gotten pictures taken and posted... because I am lame. (Bad blogger, no cookie!)

    Perhaps I will rediscover my knitting drive, now that fall is setting in (yes, even here in Florida). I hope so, as there are two babies pending (and one already born) at my workplace. I do enjoy baby knitting many times more than sock knitting, so there's hope.

    I enjoyed your England pix, although it was hard for me to see some of them accurately after my eyes started glowing green with jealousy. Thanks for letting me vacation vicariously and virtually with you!

  2. Great projects all - but I miss the cat pictures!