Saturday, March 28, 2015

March-ing On

I was all ready to tell you about the signs of spring in my neighborhood, the excitement I felt the first day the snowbanks were low enough to see over when I backed out of the driveway, blithely leaving the house without a coat in the balmy warmth (it made it up to 45 F, yay!) ...and then today I got up and looked out the window and it was snowing.

Not serious snow, but still.  If I were in danger of forgetting that it's no time to get complacent, there it was.

It's been a hugely busy month, March.  Not long after my last post, we left for our annual pilgrimage to get a preview of spring in Dallas, and take in some Irish music.  Not as warm as some years, but the Saturday was gorgeous, and Sunday wasn't terrible.  The music was outstanding as always.
Jiggernaut, onstage at NTIF 2015
We got home and found that Cookie was undisturbed by our absence.

Jake was also pretty laid back, but Biscuit spent the next week following me around more assiduously than usual, and either sitting on me, or putting a possessive paw on me when I wasn't moving.

I took the slip-stitch rib socks to Dallas. I wound up running out my first skein of yarn, and not being happy with the partial skein I'd brought to finish them.  The main color is an orangy red, and the partial was more of a pinkish red, and they just didn't work together.  I switched to my backup skein of sock yarn, and finished the red socks after I got home.

The second red was darker, but a better match for the first in tone, and then I switched to a charcoal/black tonal yarn for the toes.  So- one full skein used with no leftovers, one partial skein used up, and most of the tonal charcoal.    I've got a couple of ideas for more partial skein projects but more on those later.  (I also lack a photo of the backup skein socks.  Again, later.)

Last but not least, I couldn't leave Jake out, since everyone else has had a photo cameo in this post. This afternoon, Jake was our literary lion:

Most of the rest of the busy-ness has been work-related- there has been a sad dearth of crafting projects.  But the seasons turn, the days are getting longer and the more sun I see, the happier I am. Spring is coming, and not even a little snow can hold back the turn of the season!


  1. Oh my - how could you ever leave Biscuit when he makes that face at you? I'd have to pack him up and take him with me!!!

    1. Heh, the face he makes when being packed up is a lot grumpier!

    2. Heh, the face he makes when being packed up is a lot grumpier!

  2. March has been a roller-coaster of weather for us too. Thank goodness it's acting more like spring - overall. Beautiful socks! And I love the animal photos; they are sweet.

  3. I hope you get some spring soon!!!!