Sunday, July 6, 2008

Two, Two Pairs of Red Socks

Throwing a Fourth of July barbecue and hanging out with friends is prime knitting time. (Okay, playing in the pool, not so much.) But I did finish the Manly Red Socks.
Manly Red Socks

I keep having this insane desire to cackle like the Count from Sesame Street, and count, 'One, one pair of red socks! Two, two Christmas gifts complete!' Probably I'm still really underslept.

As I was knitting up to the ankle, I was noticing that the relatively plain fabric had almost no give to it. So I increased a few stitches at the bottom of the foot, and included those with the heel stitches when I worked the short-row heel. Result, the socks do not stretch or pull at the point where the last heel stitches rejoin the leg. I'll have to remember that trick.

And the slight pattern up the side gave me something other than rows to count for length matching purposes (I hate counting rows), and provides a bit of decoration to relieve the plainness. Not that plainness is a big issue, since these socks are destined to disappear into boots, never to be seen again, but you get the drift.

And now, to knit something that's not red!


  1. I did a totally plain pair of dark charcoal socks in men's shoe size 13 once, trying to make it so the guy would have nothing to object to, no fanciness, just a wonderful-feeling pair of socks. Which he got. But I have not knitted a pair since, it totally did me in. I like that you put in some patterning, enough to keep it interesting to knit--a very good idea. Someday again...

  2. Nice trick at the heel. I'll have to remember that when I finally get back to knitting socks.

    So, are you going to rub in the Christmas Gifts Done for the next six months? There is a reason I don't knit Christmas gifts, though I may just have finished one as my SIL just admired a scarf I was knitting with no intended recipient.