Saturday, September 10, 2011

And Now for the FOs

The most recent FO was the Guernsey-inspired sweater that I knit out of the yarn my mother and I dyed a few months back. There were a couple of kinks in my plan...where I had half the back knit and then discovered that my gauge swatch had lied like a lousy rotten lying thing and I had to rip it all out and start over. And then at the end when I discovered that despite our general similarity in size, my friend Victor has somewhat shorter arms than I do. So I took a couple of inches off the sleeves. But it all worked out in the end:
Victor's new sweater

Victor liked it. Here's a closeup of the patterning.
Guernsey patterning

The FO before that was a pair of Jaywalker socks. I was severely short of yarn, but was able to find some dark brown contrast yarn that went reasonably well with it.
Tan Jaywalker Socks

There was a simple mistake rib scarf with some nice Cascade 220 Heather out of the stash:
mistake rib scarf

Three more pairs of navy mittens. I still have a giant skein of navy yarn, but I couldn't face it so I tucked it away and have been doing other things for a while.
Mittens x 3

I finally wrapped up the ribbed lace socks that I started on the trip to England. The merino-tencel yarn has a beautiful sheen and softness, but is fearsomely slippery. I was happy to be using the little bamboo needles for that.
ribbed lace socks

And somewhere in there I blew through some of the brown sport weight yarn I had a lot of it by doubling it up and knitting a plain ribbed guy hat.
brown ribbed hat

So, not an enormously productive summer in terms of number of projects, but I'm very happy to have the sweater done...with 340 stitches around the chest on size 2 needles, I feel sure that if I were tracking number of stitches knit, I'd be way ahead of the curve!


  1. The sweater came out great! Love the color and the pattern.

  2. Wow! I was impressed even before I read about the SIZE 2 NEEDLES for that entire sweater. Holy sheep! That's enough knitting for 7 sweaters. It looks fantastic!

  3. Those mittens! My sister-in-law years ago knitted the cutest little cardigan for my eldest (he was 5) out of that same yarn; and she made a matching pair of mittens to go with it. All 3 of my boys have worn the cardigan (with red buttons) by now; and I am getting ready to pass it on to a grand-nephew (just to keep it in the family).

  4. I love the sweater - and it's very inspirational, as I'm about to embark on a gansey adventure of my own :)