Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Low Key

The day after Christmas was very low key and relaxing.  Of course the household's champion relaxers were all feline.   There was sacking out on the couch (that's all three- see Jake, cuddled up behind Cookie?):

Here's a better view of the tuxedo boys:

Biscuit, always a ham:

So, aside from hanging out watching the cats, I admired my new Christmas yarn, a handsome selection from my sister's friend at Deep Water Dye Works:

Fingering weight in various blends of merino, cashmere and silk.  It's lovely.  The leftmost skein is going to be a cowl for my mother.  Haven't made a final pattern decision yet, but I've narrowed it down to a few contenders.

I uploaded the photo of my sister's Christmas socks- they were finished Christmas Eve, but well before midnight.  Note the leopard print stripes!

That day was the first day in a while that I had off with no deadlines or obligations.  So.  I finished the book I'd been reading a page at a time over the prior three weeks.  Then I read another whole book.  Just because I could!   And there was a great deal of candy and a few leftover Christmas cookies, and I worked on my sweater and wound up the yarn for the cowl and cast on a new pair of socks.  New Year's is a big board gaming weekend at our house, so I wanted to have something on the needles for game knitting.

And now I'm back at work through tomorrow- which they're saying could be snowy- but I have Friday off, so it's a short week.   I haven't got as far as thinking about 2017 goals yet, but hey, I've got three more days.  Why rush?

And yet more Cookie and Jake cuddling.  Just because.


  1. That looks like a very comfy couch to be on!

  2. there anything sweeter than sleeping kitties?

    Sounds like you had a pretty great day! Hope you have a wonderful New Year's!