Thursday, December 22, 2016

Not Elementary, but Very Cool

And, in further exciting news of the season, my husband Jonathan Turner is now a published author!  His first story, "The Adventure of the Disguised Passenger" is being published in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.  It's on the newstands now, and he's blogged about it here. Please feel free to help us spread the word, tell your friends, relations, pets, and neighbors.  Hiring skywriters is desirable but optional.

The issue is their winter Sherlock Holmes-and-holiday edition, and JT's story is a Sherlock Holmes story, written in the classic style, as if it came from the pen of Mr. Doyle himself.  And in fact it's a double-pastiche, with a tribute as well to our friend the incomparable Steve Hockensmith.  (If you're a mystery fan, and haven't yet encountered his brilliant and hilarious Holmes on the Range series, you need to go-right now, do not pass GO- and check him out.    They're wonderful!)


  1. Congratulations!!! That is so exciting. Looking up the number for the skywriters right now! LOL

  2. Congratulations to him! As a fellow published writer, I know how exciting it is to see that byline!