Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nothing Like An Overdose of Caffeine to Speed Your Knitting

So yesterday I cast on a hat, so I'd have something simple to take with me to the evening program at the Boston Celtic Music Festival. I got to knit in the car, while hanging out with friends before the concert, during the concert and after the concert while recovering from inadvisedly drinking caffeinated tea Way Too Late. While I am not especially well rested, I did make considerable progress:

start of a hat

Between the caffeine and the fast Irish music, it's coming along nicely. (I can't be the only one who knits faster when listening to fast music, can I?)

And now I need to go buy thread, as I'm hosting a sewing bee this afternoon. Yes, that's right. Sewing bee. Some time back I volunteered to make some new theatrical drape for a local organization. This isn't stage curtains, it's the kind of drape used for sound baffling that gets put up on a framework of temporary pipes to cordon off areas or to stop echoing in a large room. Simple sewing, and I could easily have done it myself if I'd gotten the fabric back in September/October the way it was planned. But no. The drape is needed next weekend, and the fabric only came yesterday. I'm just hoping I get a few volunteers to come help on such short notice. Next weekend- Aiee!

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