Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In the Eyes of the World

I can't imagine that there's any place in the free world not aware of this, but today is primary day in New Hampshire. Yes, this is the season when every registered voter in the state has the constitutional right to have presidential candidates wash their
car and come over for coffee. And all we have to do is endure our mailboxes being stuffed with glossy political ads (any really environmentally sensitive candidate would give up the glossy and at least give me something I can burn in the wood stove- heating oil is expensive), and the phone and doorbell ringing off the hook under the onslaught of canvassers, pollsters, volunteers inviting us to hear candidates speak, recordings not giving us a choice about hearing candidates speak, and similar insanity. Thank heavens it's almost over. All I have to do is delete all the messages on the answering machine, tell a few dozen people I've already voted, thanks, and then wait for the polls to close.

So, what does this have to do with crafting, you were wondering? Good question. *pause while I retrace my train of thought* Ah, yes, so last night we decided to go out to dinner to avoid a few dozen phone calls, and I took these with me:

The second pair of fingerless mitts. The big yarn just makes them fly- I cast them on over the weekend. So these will go off to join their mates with my sister, while I contemplate mitts for myself. I'm thinking of trying colorwork. I have some really lovely merino that a friend gave me, and I've been looking at Fair Isle sites. And in the meantime, some of the merino will go into a hat for my friend Allen. I was quite amused to read this entry in the Yarn Harlot blog, regarding head size- Allen's wife asked if I would knit him a hat because he has a large head, and while he can find knit hats that he can wear, they tend to ride up. (Am I alone in thinking this means they're too small?) I'm thinking it will have to be deeper in proportion to the head diameter as well, and I'll do a folded cuff so he can adjust how far down to pull it.

And in somewhat sad news, today I finished reading all the back archives of the YH blog. That leaves me just the three books still to read. My mother gave me the first for Christmas (after pre-reading it to be sure it was 'good enough'- she enjoyed it as much as I did). And she said that the second didn't arrive in time for Christmas, and I can have it as soon as she reads it. (There is a long tradition of pre-reading gift books in my family, lest you think that this is uncouth. But I don't think I'm unconscionably suspicious to wonder if it didn't arrive in time for mom to read it before Christmas. I mean, I'm sure it really was late, my mom wouldn't fib about such a thing. I just...wonder. Not that I would consider such a thing myself.) But, the end is in sight- soon I'll be reduced to just waiting for new books and the latest blog posts along with everyone else.

Of course, there are many, many knit blogs out there, and at the moment my 'regular read' list is quite small (Hi Karen!). So I have been cruising around checking out others to satisfy my addiction to feed my habit to add to my regular reading list.

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  1. Welcome to the knitblogging world! (I came over from KarenJoSeattle.) I'm also running a contest right now on my blog, if you'd like to enter....